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“As usual, I turn on my computer and first thing to do is check my
emails and search for your daily reply.
I search,I find, I read.
In a period of just a few minutes my mind set is changed.
Every question is answered, albeit, sometimes with another question
which is totally understood and thought provoking.
Every doubt is covered with a blanket of sureness that ignites a
small flicker which bursts into an inextinguishable flame of reassurance.
Every word provides less of mental conflict and more of
understanding. (less is more!!)
I have all of today (and everyday thereafter) to quietly absorb all
that you speak about.
Within my “busy little mind” – there is calm as opposed to ‘storm’,
there is flow as opposed to ‘rush’, their is quiet as opposed
to ‘continuous chatter’.
Thank you.
You are so much more than a coach. You are an unremovable part of my spirit.”                       
John Harvey, Bali, Indonesia


Pope John Paul II used to say: ”If you are going to give someone a donation or attention thinking in a same  time – this is how I am going to be paid back – you will never get something back for your actions.Only if you put yourself in this process with your clean heart, having no second thinking, having no back plans but your altruism, you will get the whole world in return!” I think this wise words pope John Paul said definitely thinking about my coach Sill.  Since my coach is a pure altruism that we all miss sometimes in our lives. Coach Sill isn’t just a coach. He is before all – great man, friend, support, visionary….I came to him after two years of break in my shooting. I was devastated (with a huge amount of factors) as an athlete hoping at least to finally enjoy my last years in shooting, since this wonderful sport deserves it. Now I am running to a huge success in shooting sport – before all – in remodeling myself , my work and my goals about shooting, my vision about what should I do with myself, facing total new system of trainings / competitions that brought me to highest level I could only imagine before I met coach Sill.  Having no false modesty for a first time in my shooting career I can say – I am going to be a Olympic air pistol medalist from Croatia. The only reason for it  – is my coach Sill – without him I would stay somewhere in a middle of quality at national level with a sporadic chance to attend top level EU competitions just to feel shooting atmosphere. Coach Sill gave me his knowledge, time, wisdom, excellent live applicable philosophy, courage and attitude to be the best  – not average …. So if you want the same thing – there is no better man and coach in the world who can provide that for you. That man is coach Sill.”                                            Sanela Dropulic, Croatia





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